Dear Stakeholders,

Çimsa has been appreciated as a global player in the cement and construction materials sector of Turkey, where it has been operating for 44 years, through the value it generated for its stakeholders. The success we achieved in our operations that we conduct with the vision of being a reliable business partner for our stakeholders and being the building stone for living spaces and infrastructure of future, shifts our position every passing day further towards a company that makes an impression globally. This success relies on our corporate principles, responsible and visionary management understanding as well as our pioneer practices and innovative products that we made real with the goal of sustainability.

Together with the responsibility arising as a result of operating in a sector with extremely large area of impact, sustainability is a major dimension in our business strategies. Our main goal is generating value for our stakeholders with a business model that respects people, works in harmony with the environment and that is also financially profitable. For this reason, in decision making processes regarding our investments and practices, products and services, social, environmental and economic performance expectations are equally important as well as financial performance.

2015 period was a year of success in terms of the activities that we have conducted with this respect. 12 million US dollars out of 26 million US dollars of total investments realized within the year were reserved to the sustainability aspects including but not limited to the environment, occupational health and safety while our environmental management and investment expenditure reached to 12 million TL. Through increasing alternative fuel usage in our plants by 7.79%, we achieved to decrease conventional fuel use. Through waste heat recovery project, we produced more than 173,000 GJ of electricity which resulted in around 23,000 tonnes CO2 GHG reduction. These values are close to annual consumption volumes of most medium and large scale companies.

A significant share of our sustainability performance comes from environmental-friendly characteristics of our products. With a long-routed R&D track-record, Çimsa aims to increase value added of its products by developing environmental-friendlier, innovative and functional products. In this context, by significantly increasing our R&D expenditure compared to previous terms, we made 2 brand new patent applications. Concordantly, we implemented Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) projects regarding super white and calcium aluminate cement products. As a result of this project, Isıdaç40 became the first calcium aluminate cement whereas Çimsa Super White became the second white cement worldwide documented with EPD.

During the reporting period we maintained our efforts to enhance organizational change and development and to create a performance culture across the company. For this purpose, throughout the year, we launched various new programmes regarding professional development of our employees and organized approximately 66,000 person*hours of trainings. In the same period, we also continued our social responsibility projects which engender a major element in our corporate culture. For instance, we contributed youth education by supporting Summer Kids Project for the 5th year. Our employees volunteered for Steptember Project of Spastic Children’s Foundation of Turkey and organized fundraising campaigns.

After our achievements in 2015, in upcoming periods, we believe that we will enhance our sustainability performance even further through new practices. We take our strength from our stakeholders, we take every opportunity to listen their expectations and views which we employ in structuring our objectives. At this occasion, we would like to express our thanks to all our stakeholders primarily our shareholders and investors, employees, suppliers, dealers and business partners for their support and trust in Çimsa’s future.


Nevra Özhatay
General Manager